Apron Fabrics, How to Choose

apron fabrics

Aprons are a difficult item to choose, especially if you do not know what fabric apron you need. It takes time to consider which fabric will work best with your job, your application, and what apron fabric is going to work best over time. There are tons of different fabrics to choose from when it comes to aprons and knowing a bit about a few different fabrics is the best way to choose the right fabric for you.

  1. Cotton/Muslin– the most common fabric that users think about is of course cotton and muslin. Cotton and Muslin aprons are perhaps one of the most common aprons that you may see when shopping for aprons. This type of apron is best for applications like baking, working with dry materials, and other applications that are not all that messy. Because cotton and muslin are not water proof or water resistant, this type of apron is only suitable for instances in which users will not get wet, overly dirty, or will not be exposed to elements that will make your apron wet.
  2. Rubber/Nylon– another common fabric when making aprons is of course rubber or nylon. This is a bit heavier and is better for instances in which users will come in contact with wet substances, substances that can harm the skin or clothes, and other instances in which liquid is a factor. This means of course that rubber aprons are best for industrial applications as they offer a bit more protection from what you are working with. This type of industrial apron is great for those that are going to be doing things like working with mild chemicals, paints, and other items that can quickly and easily damage clothing and that may cause moisture to be held next to the body.
  3. Leather– leather is perhaps one of the best fabrics for aprons as it lasts for a very long time. Leather is best for those that will be working with heat, mild chemicals, and more. This means that users can wear a leather apron and know that they will be protected. Leather also lasts for a very long time so it will stand up to the test of time. This type of apron is best for those that have jobs that may expose them to sparks, fire, or other potentially dangerous elements. This is a very durable apron fabric and is well worth the investment.
  4. Other Materials– there are a range of other materials like thin plastics, rubber coated cotton, and more. These fabrics are good for particular applications and may be far less common than you may think. The three fabrics mentioned are the most common and therefore will be the easiest to find when shopping. Rubber coated cotton is nearly as good as full rubber and does offer a bit more comfort while thin plastic is great for quick and possibly single uses.

Finding the right apron fabric is easy when you know what you are going to need it for. If you take the time to determine what fabric is right for you and your application it becomes much easier to purchase your aprons. There are plenty of different jobs that require aprons and knowing a thing or two about what fabrics are out there to be used and purchased is the best way to find the right apron fabric for you.

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