Real Men Wear Aprons

aprons for men

Real men today wear aprons. You see them everywhere – guys wearing aprons while tailgating, flipping burgers on the grill, or working as professional chefs and waiters in upscale establishments. It almost seems aprons have replaced the necktie in the world of men’s apparel. What’s more is these dudes look good in form-fitting, crisp, clean aprons.

Men wearing aprons is really nothing new. Men have relied on the protection of aprons for several centuries now and aprons have become standard apparel in male work uniforms. Blacksmith, chefs, welders and waiters all wear aprons at work. In fact, the word “apron” comes from the French word napron; the rough and tumble fellows in the French Foreign Legion wear aprons as part of their ceremonial dress.

Industrial aprons protect a man’s clothing from water, chemicals, detergents, dyes and paints. Sturdy vinyl bib aprons provide maximum coverage from spatters, spills, and sprays. Industrial aprons work in the kitchen, basement, garage, studio or even salon.

Men take their work very seriously. Males are specialists at getting grubby jobs done, and aprons help those men stay clean even during the grungiest of chores. Aprons help men focus on the task at hand rather than on their clothing. No frills and bows for these guys, no sir!

Guys take their recreation seriously too. Men love to barbeque – if there is danger involved, men want in. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm for outdoor cooking is often tough on cloths. Barbeque, grill and chefs aprons are lighter weight than industrial aprons but still offer protection from burns and stains associated with cooking.

Contemporary men take pride in their appearance and many men invest in nice shirts and pants. Grease splatters, stains and spills can ruin expensive clothing. Using superior materials and design, modern aprons do an exemplary job of protecting expensive clothing. The new breed of aprons also look good on a man’s physique by minimizing his waistline and highlighting broad shoulders – women just love a man in an apron!

Aprons are right for husbands and bachelors alike – anyone who does laundry will appreciate the protective value of a good apron. Modern aprons are also washable and retain their shape, wash after wash. Today’s aprons are easy to care for, look great, and work well for men or women.

A man’s choice in BBQ aprons is as important to the barbeque as his selection of basting brush and tongs – every man has his own individual style. A slit bistro chef apron is perfect for pit masters who need freedom to move quickly from the barbeque to the kitchen. On the other hand, the baron of the barbeque might prefer a bib apron to protect his clothing from juicy bratwurst, sizzling steaks, and mouth-watering hamburgers.

Some men prefer aprons with an adjustable neck for maximum comfort. Others prefer pockets for tools and cooking utensils. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of aprons for the modern man.

Every man can now own an apron. Whether he uses a barbeque to bring home the bacon or cook it up in a pan, a BBQ apron keeps the man of the house looking his best. Durable, washable aprons keep rubs and spices on the food instead of on his shirt. Man up, boys, and put on your aprons!

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